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Prescription Packaging


In order to best meet the needs of your community, we offer a choice of two prescription packaging systems.


Rx Systems OP Series

Opt-Pak color-coded disposible medication punch cards

Medicine-On-Time color-coded packages

Easy-to-use and administer punch cards with compliance system



Color-coded to indicate time pass


Labeling Information Cards are printed with complete prescribing information.  Each dose is individually marked with the day of the week that it is to be given. Individually sealed bubbles are printed with patient name, exact administration time, medication name and strength.  Bubbles may be removed from the full pack and still remain as a sealed pharmacy package.

Product is tamper-evident and clearly shows if medication is missing



 Cycle-fill system eliminates re-ordering for maintenance medications


Increases operational efficiency in the home



Medication delivery cycle


14 or 28 days   28 days

Medication billing cycle


28 days   28 days